Baby Feeding Log - Newborn Breastfeeding, Bottle and Nursing Tracker with Timer App Reviews

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Perfect! Love to add manualy when i forget.. Keep track perfectly! Simple to use! Tx

Great app for tired moms!

Its a great, simple, easy to use application for helping you remember/ keep track of what side you nursed off last and for how long (or how many oz from a bottle! It keeps a log for you which is nice! It also allows you to keep track of wet/dirty diapers. I love this app and use it multiple times a day. Makes my day a lot easier :)

All you need

This is a great app, its easy to use, its fully editable, the data is easy to read... I just love it. Its better than some of the higher priced apps available.


Good easy to use interface. However, I cant seem to go back and edit events. Can only delete them or manually add them. Would be better if it allows for minor edits.

Good app

This app has been great for me and my newborn... The breast feeding hasnt been easy but this has really helped. So much better than pen and paper. You cant edit but under more you can manually add.... And delete. Its a free app and its great.

Highly recommend

Love this app! I tried a few types and this one is by far the best! Easy to use while breastfeeding and review the information


I tried out many apps and this one seems to have the most logical and user friendly layout for feelings, sleep and diapers!

Not great for breastfeeding

Not able to enter previous nursing sessions if forgot, program asks how much volume my baby ate - how do I know, I breastfeed!!!

Love it !!!!

Plain and simple. Exactly what you need when baby is on one hand and iphone on the other one. Sum of ounces of milk and sleep time per day would make it just perfect.

Love it

Great app. Very simple, thats the beauty of it

Great app!

Love the app, very simple to use. However, would love to see it do totals (total feedings per breast per day, for example, total sleep at night, total naptime per day, and so on).

Simple and straight-forward

This app is very simple to use, and the big buttons are perfect for me to use (even one-handed while breast-feeding). I paid for the upgrade (for no-ads) and have been using this for about three weeks. Much better then a few of the other apps that I tried, again mostly due to its simplicity. Noted that I have not tried to manually import or export data yet.

Great app

Love the app. It does what I need it to. I just wish it had a pause button on top of the stop/go button. Sometimes I need to burp or change a diaper but continue the same side after.


I track sleep, so this is perfect! Easy to start and stop with no fuss. Updates for breastfeeding are great too!

Love it!!!

I was looking for a simple app that did not have too many extra features that I would never use. If you are looking to track feedings, diapers and sleep, this app is great.

Great App!

Great and easy to use app to keep track of baby feeding, diapers and sleep!

Love it!

Keeps it simple and easy to use. The only thing I dont like is that you cant keep track of how long baby nursed on each side.

Must have for new parents

I have use this app to raise three of my children and it comes in handy when timing how often to feed them also helps get an idea as to when the bottle has gone bad since most formula bottles only last two hours its great for helping get a rhythm for napping also ITS FREE cant beet that price one feature I would like to see is a cloud sync or a way to share with another device since it was hard to keep my wife in the loop on feeding times.

Life saver!

This ap really helped. Easy to use. No thinking especially during late night feedings in the early days. I brought it back when I was weaning to be sure I was clicking my time. Must have!

Great for mommy brain

My little one is 4 months and Ive been using this app every day since she was 2 weeks. Simple. easy. Used it to make sure she was having enough diapers and eating enough. Now I use it to remember what side she last ate from.

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